Practice Management

At Smart Choice Dental Management, our vision is to provide you with a comprehensive A to Z management plan that allows our clients to do what they are trained to do: treat their patients. While you remain the business owner, we inject business infrastructure with business system oversight management so that your former or potential management headaches are ours and you can concentrate your efforts on patients and referrers. Smart Choice Dental has a team of experienced managers who will provide oversight to your patient care team and help you reduce overhead by taking advantage of our economy of scale arrangements with the leading vendors in dentistry.

Some task involved in our Practice Management Services include:

  • Continuing Education
  • Credentialing/Licensure and Certification
  • Insurance Credentialing
  • Hospital Credentialing
  • Monthly Analytics
  • Weekly Briefings
  • Business Insurance Oversight 

  • Workers Comp
  • Payroll & W2 Management
  • 401K Reporting
  • Employee Benefit Packages
  • Risk Management
  • Repair Services for equipment
  • Marketing